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A home care registry is an exciting new model offering families the ability to access the world of private care with a company dedicated to supporting your hiring and oversight process. Our vetting and matching services offer you a choice based on your needs and preferences. You may pay the same as a traditional agency, but more of the hourly rate goes to the caregiver.

The traditional home care agency does not work for everyone.  There is less control over who comes into the home and the consistency offered.  In addition, the pay levels are extremely low, leaving you feeling lucky when you are assigned an exceptional caregiver.

We all want the best care for those we love.  We want a small and consistent number of caregivers.  With the right private hire, you can enjoy these benefits while knowing that your caregiver is paid a living wage. You will experience more control, consistency and overall satisfaction.

Our home care registry staff will support you in your role as an employer.  We will direct you to a high quality payroll/tax service company and assist with a review of any long term care policy and worker’s comp set up.  Working with Envision also means our Nurse Care Manager will assist you in developing your plan of care and will periodically check that your plan is followed.

Many families in fact hire private care “under the table”, calling the caregiver an independent contractor.  This brings significant financial risk to the family and estate of your loved one.  If you want the individual for certain hours and at a given location they really aren’t independent contractors by definition.  Paying them as such exposes you to them later notifying the IRS at which time you could be liable for all FICA taxes (both sides = 15%) and all income taxes for the entire time they worked for your loved one.  It’s not worth the risk!

We support you in your role as employer in several ways:

  • – We will assist your set up with a third party payroll/tax company
  • – We will advise about worker’s comp and refer you to an insurance broker to assist if not able to work with homeowner’s policy
  • – We will review any Long-Term Care Insurance Policy
  • – We will review caregiver timesheets weekly for errors and submit to the payroll company.
  • – Our Nurse Care Manager will coach you about caregiver issues if they arise
  • – Our Nurse Care Manager will assist you with your care plan
  • – Our Nurse Care Manager will provide periodic home visits to monitor that your plan of care is being implemented.

Our team becomes your coach in all aspects of your process.  You will have a partner to walk through this experience with.

Envision Private Care conducts an extensive background check of each individual prior to joining our registry.  We also talk with prior families.  Our background checks include the following:

  • – Multi-State CAN/Nurse Aide Registry
  • – NM Employer Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation Registry
  • – National Sex Offender Registry
  • – OIG (National Fraud Registry) through the Office of the Inspector General of the United States.

The organization we work with for background checks keep us informed if or when any new issues arise that we need to be made aware of. 

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